Cuphead: A Perfect Port

The addition of the Nintendo Switch into many homes has sparked interest in Microsoft and has even opened the doors to sharing previously exclusive games with Nintendo. The first Microsoft game to make its appearance on Switch is the cult-classic Cuphead.

At this point in gaming, exclusive games can make or break a console. Sony’s PlayStation 4 has some of, if not the, best exclusives of this console generation. With the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War, Sony has continued to produce high-quality exclusive games for its console. With Microsoft and Nintendo becoming closer partners, this opens up the potential for Microsoft to finally acquire more games into its library.

Microsoft has struggled with exclusive games this generation. Their flagship Halo series has only seen Halo 5: Guardians and Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One. Sea of Thieves was not critically successful upon launch, and the most recent Gears of War was criticized for being uninspired. However, one of Microsoft’s surprise hits was Cuphead – A beautiful, hand-drawn platformer with a rich, three-hour long big band score, and intense gameplay.

Cuphead is now on Nintendo Switch, and it is a perfect port of the Xbox One version of the game. Perhaps Cuphead is even better suited on Switch. With the portability of the console and ability to play co-operative play at the release of the joy-cons, Cuphead is now more accessible than ever.

The premise is simple – Get to the end of the levels and/or beat the bosses. The visuals and music of Cuphead give off an easy-going vibe, yet the gameplay is anything but that. In theory, Cuphead could take about 8 hours to complete, but with the amount of trials and errors within the game, you’ll get plenty more hours out of this one. Studio MDHR spared no difficulty when designing these levels. Despite the plethora of deaths, users will find the gameplay addictive and keep coming back for more. Users will know exactly how they died and have to figure out what it is that he/she needs to do better the next time around.

Cuphead offers two different play styles. The titular character, Cuphead, and his brother, Mughead. Each character has different shooting mechanic and control. This would be similar to being able to choose between Mario and Luigi in the Super Mario Brothers series with Luigi having unique jumping capabilities.

Between the various run n’ gun, shoot ’em up, and boss levels, Cuphead has something for everyone. Pairing this with a charming story of making a deal with the devil, Cuphead is an instant classic on both Xbox One and Switch. Cuphead is a critically acclaimed title with a Metacritic score of 88. Studio MDHR plans to release a physical copy on Switch – Something that Xbox One has not yet seen. Until then, Cuphead can be yours for just $20 USD on the Nintendo eShop.

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