Warframe: Proving the impossible is possible on Switch?

Having never given Warframe a chance over the past five years, I knowledge of this game besides it being free-to-play. Traditionally, free-to-play and pay-to-win coincide. Warframe has a pay-to-win system, but truly rewards players for grinding. Breaking this game down is intense. There are so many different elements that it is almost unbearable at times. There is a seemingly endless amount of customization to ones “warframe” (character). The game generally feels like Destiny – An expansive, mission-based, space-shooter-RPG.

The amount of detail and fluidity within Warframe is astounding. The narrative doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but it does it well. I never cared much for it upon opening the game and have already forgotten it. Warframe is not necessarily the run-and-gun game that I thought it was going to be. It rewards you for using stealth. In the opening scene, players are given two options for a melee weapon, two options for a secondary stealth weapon, and two more for a primary. I chose a sword, throwing knives, and an assault rifle. Each of these weapons feels completely unique and satisfying to use in each of their own rights.

I enjoy using stealth in games. I found myself trying to find out how to use stealth more than anything in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but coming off the heals of that, I wanted to go full-on Rambo. The weapon set that I chose has worked quite well for close-quartered combat and just enough for ranged firefights.

The most impressive part of Warframe? It looks absolutely fantastic on Switch. While it runs at 720p 30fps, it runs flawlessly with no noticeable frame drops. It may not be as impressive as it is on PS4 and Xbox One, but with all Switch games, it’s in the palm of your hands. Doom and Wolfenstein II are incredible feats, but Warframe is massive, all online and still looks as good, if not better, than the aforementioned games. The performance of Warframe on Switch opens up the doors for plenty of other third party games. Developing team, Panic Button, has the magic touch when it comes to porting games onto Switch. Not one of their ports has been anything short of incredible. Each release seems to improve upon the other, and Warframe proves that the Switch can handle almost any game, if done right. Shout out to Panic Button. You’re doing the Lord’s work.

Conclusion: Ninten-Abso-frickin-lutely-DO download Warframe. Your future consumed life thanks you.

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