Is Fallout Shelter TOO addictive?

Fallout Shelter released for Switch and PS4 on June 10, nearly three years after its release on iOS and Android. A port of a mobile game to console rarely works out, yet Fallout Shelter feels at home and has pushed a lot of games into my Switch backlog because of its addictive and quick gameplay.

E3 saw Fortnite and Fallout Shelter release on the Nintendo Switch eShop for free. After downloading both on release, Fortnite quickly slid off of my home menu in the following month. Fallout Shelter however continues to be a staple within the first three games on my recently played list.

I was not expecting to get much out of this quirky, simulation game. I tend to not enjoy these kinds of games, but I found myself constantly checking on my vault and the Vault Dwellers. 15 or more hours later, I am still diving deep within what Fallout Shelter has to offer. Sending a Dweller out to find outfits, weapons, and medical supplies can be a high-risk, high-reward process. There have been a few times where a Vault Dweller did not make the trip back to Vault 935 and I did not have the caps to bring them back (R.I.P. Vault Dweller).

Dwellers can have intimate relationships to help populate your vault and will each have their own unique S.P.E.C.I.A.L. characteristics. Certain work areas best suit a certain S.P.E.C.I.A.L. trait and it is up to the user to decide where to put each new dweller.

As the game progresses, new rooms will be unlocked, new Dwellers can be brought into the vault via the radio station, and the possibilities (while limited) seem endless. This game becomes repetitive, but in the best way possible. There are times when I feel like sitting down with the game for five minutes, but glance up at the clock and it’s been an hour. This game has a serious replay factor.

With raider attacks, random failures when rushing your workers, mole rat attacks, fires, and much more, Fallout Shelter truly is a remarkable time to be had. It’s a game for anyone to get into, and that’s something that is pretty rare nowadays.

Going into Fallout Shelter and expecting to really dislike the game (despite my love for the Fallout universe), and getting hours upon hours of enjoyment in the game was a real surprise. The biggest surprise however is that it is hands down one of my favorite titles on Switch. I expect Octopath Traveler to quickly topple Fallout Shelter one I dive into it (Spoiler alert: Octopath Traveler will hit the blog very soon), but this game is unique and an absolute blast to pull up for any amount of time.

Conclusion: Ninten-DO download Fallout Shelter… Immediately.

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