Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong

Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentation left many die-hard fans wanting more, but it made it sense. It got the gaming world talking about the new Super Smash Brothers game. At Nintendo’s Treehouse event, a surprise eShop game was announced and released: Donkey Kong.

Immediately upon hearing its release, I downloaded and played my favorite arcade game for hours, and I was not disappointed.

The releases of Donkey Kong on NES and GBA were not complete, and had different sound effects. While the levels featured in these ports play and look nice – They have never captured the magic of the arcade cabinet. The sounds are a bit more dull and the games are generally easier.

Partnering with Hamster once more, Nintendo brings three different versions of Donkey Kong: Early Version ORIGINAL MODE, Later Version ORIGINAL MODE, and International Version ORIGINAL MODE. Each version has the same levels, but the order of the levels is different for each region. Fans within the United States will be used to playing the International Version. Each version has a varying level of difficulty as well.

The Early Version has Donkey Kong throwing barrels down relentlessly. The opening level on the Early Version feels like the second go-around of the level in the International Version. Needless to say – If you want a challenge, this is the one for you. The Later version is toned down slightly, but will pack a nice punch. The International Version is the easier of the three, and is the version I grew up with.

These ports are brilliant. Not only is an arcade-perfect port of Donkey Kong available on home consoles, it’s available in the palm of my hands. Having the ability to add a slight CRT filter (A2) makes the game look beautiful on any display, and being able to it in vertical in portable mode is wonderful.

Donkey Kong on Switch is a dream come true. For $7.99, a piece of gaming and Nintendo history is yours in all of its glory. If you are a fan of retro gaming, an arcade junkie, or just looking for a cheap eShop purchase, Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong just might be the best bang for your buck.

Conclusion: Ninten-DO pick up Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong

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