Fortnite Drops on Switch

Fortnite has garnered the attention and hearts of many gamers since releasing in July of 2017. The community has grown immensely, and a conversation about video games can hardly be had without the mention of Fortnite. Epic Games’s wildly popular battle royale has finally landed on Nintendo Switch.

I will be the first person to say that I have never been a fan of Fortnite. I’ve downloaded and deleted the game twice on PS4. It has never kept my attention, and I never felt any connections to the game. It is definitely more fun with friends, but that isn’t saying much from me.

When rumors and leaks that Fortnite would be present in Nintendo’s E3 presentation, I wasn’t surprised. In fact – I was looking forward to seeing it on Switch. I felt that Fortnite would be best suited on Switch. The art style isn’t extravagant and has a cartoon-ish charm to it. It also brings a big online-multiplayer experience to a console that mainly has couch multiplayer (the best kind in my opinion).

So, I downloaded Fortnite immediately following its release despite an immense amount of dislike for it.

It was Fortnite – I mean that in the best way possible. My previous thought that it would feel more at home on Switch was right. While I still do not understand the hype and praise for the game, it felt better running on Switch. It looks good, loads well, feels natural in portable mode, and runs very smoothly.

The Switch runs Fortnite at 720p in handheld, so if you’re used to seeing it on a 4K display via Xbox One X/PS4Pro or even 1080p on PS4/Xbox One S, it may be underwhelming. That doesn’t have an effect on the game for me though. In-fact, I find that it has more charm in handheld. If I am playing a game on my PS4, I want to play games that really take advantage of my system: Doom, Uncharted 4, Black Ops 3, etc. Fortnite doesn’t do that for me on a gameplay standpoint or a graphical standpoint. Graphics aren’t the end-all-be-all for me (hence my love for Doom on Switch), but online shooters just aren’t for me. I guess that’s because I’m a story-driven gamer.

I still don’t like Fortnite, but I can at least appreciate it now. It’s enjoyable and I find myself picking up my Switch to play a quick game of Fortnite every now and then. That’s much more than Fortnite on console/PC could ever say.

If you like Fortnite, it’s a must on the Switch. If you’re looking for new material to play on Switch, it’s going to keep you entertained.


Conclusion: Ninten-DO download Fortnite for Switch.

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